22, actor with Bart Simpson body. I'm Kwamë and I like to write what I act.

#Art #love #life #faith Applies to so much

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"The universe reveals it’s secrets to those who dare to follow their hearts" #selfie

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the artist cannot look to others to validate his efforts or his calling. if you don’t believe me, ask Van Gogh, who produced masterpiece after masterpiece and never found a buyer in his whole life. to labor in the arts for any reason other than love is prostitution.
steven pressfield (via crissle)


We’re celebrating National Coming Out Day a little bit early this year with our friends at everyoneisgay.

Join us on October 6th at housingworksbookstore in NYC to meet, mingle, drink free drinks, and celebrate the new book This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids. Hear stories from dannielle, kristinnoeline, holabrody, liam-lowery, and jennyowenyoungs!

This party is free, all ages, and open to the public. Tell your friends!







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Phylicia, ladies and gentlemen. #legend Spiritual and artistic nutrition.

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